Rewind 2018

From an exhilarating kick-off to a forced unwind followed by a regular rhythm

2018! What a year it has been! From an exhilarating kick-off to a forced unwind followed by a regular rhythm. This is briefly my EKG!

I spent January and February in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. I cannot stress enough the fact that I am beyond grateful for being able to travel abroad for work. Yes, work, as I had a 7-week interpreting project going on at that time. During weekends, I used to either go home or stay and enjoy Budapest. Watch these videos about my past travels #1 & #2!

In March, I did some more English to French interpreting, a new pair that I added to my working languages in December 2017 and continued to develop this skill as new projects came along throughout the entire year of 2018.

In April, I had the opportunity to discover new places, like Berlin. I was not very much fond of this spring break choice, but my opinion shifted completely when I got there and discovered a chilled-out atmosphere, numerous themed museums to choose from, both outdoors and indoors, and let’s not forget about the food. If you are a foodie or food plays an important role in your travels, make sure to add Berlin to your next year list of trips.

Berlin, Brandenburg Gate

I you follow my journey on a regular basis, you should know by now that sport is part of my life, mainly cycling and running. This year’s first running race was the 10Km Vivicitta in Budapest. Again in April, I ran 21km for a local charity running event in Timisoara.

Throughout May and June, I kept going back and forth to Budapest. Plus, I had a couple of local interpreting assignments in-between travels.

In June, I rode in the 2-day road bike race held in Hungary and Romania, cycled 200km and finished 2nd in the women category.

By July, I had spent 16 weeks = 80 days = 640 hours in the booth.

Florence and the region of Tuscany was my second new destination this year. Apart from the spectacular views of Tuscan postcard scenery, I very much enjoyed the gelato, the wine tasting and the pizza. Certo!

After an exhilarating kick off then came a downtime. End of August, I was riding my bike one sunny Saturday morning. I was 9km into my ride when I was hit by a truck. At the hospital, I was told I had a collar bone fracture. Many changes and adjustments followed. I had to slow down, to be patient and to let time do its thing.

September was hard.

Late October, I started physiotherapy and with my family and friends’ support, I was able to stay positive and focused on my recovery.

Recovery update in November

These past few months, I was unable to take on big interpreting projects because of my state so I focused more on translation to keep myself busy and feel useful.

After a forced unwind, little by little I throve overall. So, in December, I even joined a local gym to help with my full recovery.

New exciting things are awaiting. 2019 looks promising already. I booked 2 work related trips abroad for January. I am also looking forward to celebrate my 10th year as a full-time freelance translator and interpreter.

To a fantastic year ahead!

Wishing you a New Year filled with wonderful memories! Cheers to 2019!

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