Traveling Interpreter Series, Ep.02

As a freelance interpreter, I am fortunate enough to go on business trips. I love traveling for all the obvious reasons: see new places, meet new people, interact, get to know other cultures, taste new food… But when working, this takes the second place because first and foremost, I am there on the job.

Depending on the interpreting assignment and its duration, I sometimes spend the entire day indoors, in the conference room, in the booth and by the end of the meeting, I am too tired to even leave the hotel and explore the surroundings. But other times, I get to interpret outside, in the fresh air, by the beach (San Sebastian beach, Spain – true story :) ).

Budapest is the destination where I mostly travel to for projects abroad.

I travel by car so packing is not an issue. I have therefore the luxury to take with me things that make my stay more comfortable and enjoyable, like my running gear. I try to squeeze in a jog before or after work, and trust me, this city doesn’t lack greenery. Budapest has become a hype destination, buzzing with people 24/7.

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