Traveling Interpreter Series, Ep.01

As a freelance interpreter, I am fortunate enough to go on business trips. I love traveling for all the obvious reasons: see new places, meet new people, interact, get to know other cultures, taste new food… But when working, this takes the second place because first and foremost, I am there on the job.

Depending on the interpreting assignment and its duration, I sometimes spend the entire day indoors, in the conference room, in the booth and by the end of the meeting, I am too tired to even leave the hotel and explore the surroundings. But other times, I get to interpret outside, in the fresh air, by the beach (San Sebastian beach, Spain – true story :) ).


Let me now share some bits and bobs from Belgrade, Serbia.

Simultaneous interpreting project. 2 or 3-hour car trip. 2 full-day assignment. Subject: technical, construction.

I arrived in the snowy Belgrade the day before the first interpreting day and I spent the entire afternoon doing some more research on the topic.

Tip 1: Arriving way before the actual commencement of the job is key as the interpreter can get plenty of time to rest, eat, shower and recharge for the next day. Arriving tired, famished or stressed on the job cannot have a positive outcome.

For the obvious reasons, I was unable to film in the conference room but I hope you enjoy this video about my packing situation for this trip. I packed my laptop, cables, chargers, planner, business cards in a laptop bag. I had my toiletry bag, one pair of pajamas and 2 business outfits.

Tip 2: I like to plan my outfits so when I travel I don’t have to worry about what I am going to wear every single day.

Tip 3: I select at least one piece of clothing that I use more than once. This also helps me to keep my packing light.

I am grateful for the opportunity to travel on my first interpreting job this year and I hope this is the first of many to come.

I hope you find my tips useful. Feel free to leave comments and share the video!
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